While attending graduate school at Boston University and interning at BU’s Learning Disability Support Services office, our founder, Dave Glick, created a proprietary program of advanced learning strategies that promotes independent learning for a lifetime. This program uses a hybrid of several strategies that when utilized allows adults and children alike to process and organize information in a way that makes sense to them. The time-limited, 12 session model is intended for students in their last years of high school and beyond. It is especially useful in helping with the transition from high school to college for those with or without learning disabilities.

Triad Psych, P.C. offers instruction that includes a wide range of advanced learning strategies for high school and college students that is quite different from basic tutoring which only provides specific content instruction. Our services teach students, with or without learning disabilities, how to use strategies that enable them to independently organize information as a whole so that when presented with any material, they are able to understand and apply it.

One of the many wonderful things about education is that each student is a special individual. This means they all have unique personalities and learning styles. Our approach in providing learning and educational services to our clients is completely customized and tailored to meet the skills and strengths of the individual.