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Dave Glick discusses Violence in Schools with 11Alive

An investigation into gun violence across the U.S. From how it impacts schools and students to the increase in mass shootings and the ongoing fight for protection.

Amerigroup cancels Triad psych contract | Families scramble to find new therapists

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Daily Dot – Facebook wants to connect me with my rapist

Woman looking at her phone with a concerned look on her face.
If I hadn’t seen his name, I’m not totally sure I would have recognized him—and even then, it wasn’t even the name he goes by, just his initials.

In the two decades that have passed since I last saw my rapist, his hair has thinned significantly. His face and frame are heavier, rounder. I brought my phone close to my face so that it practically touched my eyes, and then held it at arm’s length to get another perspective.  Read More…