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Amerigroup cancels Triad psych contract | Families scramble to find new therapists

Listen to “Gender Identity and Autism” on Spreaker. Listen to “Virtual Learning: Empowering Parents and Students with Autism During Covid-19” on Spreaker. Listen to “Combating Pandemic Stress: Taking Back Your Mental Health” on Spreaker. Listen to “The Autism Female Phenotype” on Spreaker.

Daily Dot – Facebook wants to connect me with my rapist

Woman looking at her phone with a concerned look on her face. If I hadn’t seen his name, I’m not totally sure I would have recognized him—and even then, it wasn’t even the name he goes by, just his initials. In the two decades that have passed since I last saw my rapist, his hair has thinned significantly. His face and frame are heavier, rounder. I brought my phone close to my face so that it practically touched my eyes, and then held it at arm’s length to get another perspective.  Read More…