Group Therapy at Triad Psych

When most people think of therapy or counseling it is usually thought of as something which is done one to one. But one of the most powerful forms of therapy is group psychotherapy. Group therapy allows for its members to benefit from “all in the same boat syndrome”. When people are struggling with personal or psychological problems it is made worse by their incorrect feelings that they are the only ones going through it. By gathering in a supportive environment and a safe space with a skilled leader with others in the “same boat” relief and healing happens at a rapid pace. We are glad to announce the renewal of our combined therapy and social skills groups. Pre-covid Triad had four groups running simultaneously, but due to the limitations of virtual services and other Covid limitations our groups stopped. Yet in the past six months, our own Terrance Putter had quietly and successfully relaunched our neurodiverse young adult group and now we are happy to report that our own Elizabeth Arauz is launching a group for teens aged 13 to 18 who are LGBTQ and having adjustment issues around it.

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